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March 25, 2015

Ken Gonzales-Day Examines Racially-Motivated Killings, Past and Present

Ken Gonzales-Day (2012 Visual Arts) will premiere his Creative Capital-supported project with the solo exhibition, Ken Gonzales-Day: Run Up, on view at Luis De Jesus Los Angeles from April 4 through May 9, 2015. Run Up is the latest chapter in Gonzales-Day’s acclaimed Erased Lynching series, selections of which have been acquired by the Smithsonian Institution, the Norton Museum of Art and numerous private collections, and exhibited in museums and galleries in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, London, Paris, Vienna, Mexico City and other major cities.   more

I connected with him to learn more about this timely project. [ READ MORE ]

March 14, 2015

Review: Dennis Koch Is Delightfully Nutty

So, as I wrote in the last BL(og)T post, my desire for this section is to talk about things I found interesting and worthwhile —they may or may not have anything to do with Jesus. Keep that in mind if you will.

I can’t seem to get enough of stuff I see in Culver City. Say what you may about the scene and how insanely difficult to find a parking spot on the opening night. I go down there when no one’s around to see the art. [ READ MORE ]

March 13, 2015


We are thrilled to announce the sold out presentation of JOSH REAMES 's paintings at the recent VOLTA New York art fair, held at Pier 90 next to The Armory Show. All of the paintings in the booth as well as paintings from the gallery's inventory were quickly snapped up by prominent collectors from both coasts.   more

Strong interest was also expressed by museums and institutions, and several commissions have been confirmed or are pending.

Undaunted by the winter storm that brought six inches of snow throughout the course of the VIP vernissage last Thursday, our booth, draped in an inventive installation by Reames and located at the very end of the pier, brought a bright smile to collectors faces, many of whom remarked that Josh's paintings were among the freshest and strongest work they had seen at all of the fairs. [ READ MORE ]

March 12, 2015


Vincenzo Della Corte: “Symbol”, “multitude”, “co-existence”. What function do these terms assume in your work?

Josh Reames: I think they can all be used in the context of my work; symbol and multitude being pretty obvious in that the paintings (literally) contain a multitude of “symbols” haha. Co-existence seems a little hippy-ish though, I think I’ll refrain from using that one to describe the work. [ READ MORE ]

March 09, 2015


Luis De Jesus Los Angeles is very pleased to announce the forthcoming premiere of Ken Gonzales-Day's newest series of photographs and his first film: RUN UP, on view at the Gallery from April 4 through May 9, 2015. RUN UP is a project of Creative Capital, which Gonzales-Day was awarded in 2012.   more

RUN UP is the latest chapter in Ken Gonzales-Day's acclaimed Erased Lynching series, selections of which have been acquired by the Smithsonian Institution and the Norton Museum of Art and have also been exhibited internationally in museums and galleries in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, London, Paris, Vienna, Mexico City, and Bogota, among others.

The central work in the exhibition will be a new short film and still images from a restaging of a 1920 lynching of a Latino in California. Gonzales-Day created the film and related photographic series to bring greater visibility to the presence of Latino's in the history of lynching and to draw parallels between the past and the present. Unlike previous bodies of work in which Gonzales-Day used found or archival imagery, the contemporary restaging highlights not only the history of lynching nationwide, but draws clear parallels with contemporary events like Ferguson. [ READ MORE ]

March 06, 2015

KEN GONZALES-DAY FEATURE > Angle of View: History in Sharp Focus

Our memories sometimes work against us. Recollections of dates, times, and names fade with each passing moment. Erasing painful images or pretending oppression does not exist will not eradicate social injustice. Feigning that inequity and bias do not exist will not inherently make them disappear. To promote a more just society, we need to acknowledge our outrage and pain, both personal and collective, precisely because we don't want any unjust act to pass unrecorded. As an artist, I hope to contribute my own voice to our struggle by creating something visual.   more

It could be a record, a document, or an image, but my art always calls attention to these important moments of our anguished history.

As a photographer, I make quick decisions on whether to record the faces of anger, loss, and pain, or to consider others ways to visually tell the story.  [ READ MORE ]

March 05, 2015

WUM NEWS L.A. "CATCH-22 X TWO" by American-born Artist Dennis Koch at Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

On view through March 28th, 2015 at Luis De Jesus Los Angeles is an exhibition entitled "CATCH-22 X TWO" by American artist Dennis Koch (BFA Studio Art, BA Political Science) showcasing new large scale works at both gallery spaces. Working primarily in the medium of drawing and sculpture, Dennis Koch makes meticulously structured abstract works inspired by the scientific fields of physics, cosmology, dimensional mathematics, parapsychology, and altered states of consciousness.   more

"CATCH-22 X TWO" marks the tensegritic enfoldment of two concurrent bodies of work by Koch: his large amorphous Scrambled Channel drawings, which are abstract impressions generated from exercises in remote viewing, and the more Euclidean Versor Parallel drawings, which are circular geometric structures analogous to a Buckminster Fuller tensegrity sphere.  [ READ MORE ]

March 04, 2015


"I completely believe we're going to double attendance this year," from about 20,000 to 40,000, says VOLTA NY director Amanda Coulson in a video on the show's website. She is talking about the fair's new location at Pier 90, on the far west side of Manhattan, steps away from the behemoth Armory Show, which takes place at Piers 92 and 94. "But I don't think the fair is going to change that much," she adds.   more

(See VOLTA Announces Exhibitor List, New Venue.) That's a good thing for art lovers who have come to prize VOLTA for its carefully curated, invitation-only, and largely single-artist booths. [ READ MORE ]

March 03, 2015


Think about the differences between the long-standing practices of painting and sculpture, and clichés persist: Painting is “flat,” sculpture is not; paintings go on a wall, sculptures do not. In contemporary art these separate paths often intersect; some notable mid-20th century examples being Jasper Johns’ encaustic and plaster paintings, Lucio Fontana’s stabbed canvases, Robert Rauschenberg’s Combines and Lee Bontecou’s wire-and-fabric wall sculptures.   more

Try to determine the edges where one medium leaves off and the other begins, and you end up in a circuitous thought process. [ READ MORE ]

February 28, 2015

Now representing Josh Reames

Luis De Jesus Los Angeles is pleased to announce the representation of Josh Reames. The gallery will present a solo presentation of new paintings at VOLTA NY, Booth B8, from March 5-8, 2015.

In his paintings, Josh Reames mines his generation's proclivity toward social media while disrupting the traditional function of formal space, structure, and narrative in painting. His work considers abstraction and painting in relation to the internet, and is informed by the strange space where a majority of viewership takes place online through blogs and websites.   more

Reames’ conceptual framework functions as a kind of filtration device for cultural byproduct—his object-filled canvases reference a vocabulary of transient emojis and digital signs, untethered in space, that jettison all notions of hierarchies. In these paintings, depth, dimension, and the artist's hand are typically lost in translation from object to image, allowing the information to exist as it might appear on a digital screen.

  Visit artist page