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November 20, 2016

"Ken Gonzales-Day: Shadowlands" survey exhibition to open at the Minnesota Museum of American Art, January 26 through April 15, 2017

Ken Gonzales-Day is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice considers the historical construction of race and the limits of representational systems. Gonzales-Day utilizes photography to explore trauma and resistance as experienced and embodied by racially oppressed populations in the United States of America.   more

His photographs are supplemented with research and writing that engages critically with history, art history, Western conventions of race, and blending historical tragedies with current events.

Education & Academic Career
Gonzales Day studied painting and art history for his BFA at Pratt Institute in New York and then went on to recieve his MFA in photography at UC Irvine. Throughout his arts education he was was recurringly drawn to a relationship between art and culture. , Gonzales-Day is a Professor of Art and Humanities at Scripps College where he has taught for over 20 years. He has been a fellow at the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Smithsonian Institute and at the American Photography Institute at New York University. In addition to teaching at Scripps Collge, Gonzales-Day is an active arts writer for multiple publications including Art Issues, OUT Magazine, New Art Examiner, and ArtPapers.

Ken Gonzales-Day: Shadowlands will be exhibited at the Minnesota Museum of American Art in St. Paul, Minnesota from January 26 through April 15, 2017. For more information on this exhibition and related events contact Christopher Atkins, Curator of Exhibitions and Public Programs at 651-797-2853 or email at 

November 15, 2016


The montage of attractions was a 1924 theory devised by the Russian film director Sergej Michajlovič Ėjzenštejn, who ranks among the most influential and revolutionary directors in film making history for his use of montage and innovative formal compositions of image—and made by unprecedented technical developments. The montage of attractions looks in all ways metaphorically incomplete, cluttered and misplaced, with the spectator having to put in an active effort to make sense of the plot’s elements and meanings. [ READ MORE ]

November 14, 2016

andre hemer recipient of 2016 New Generation Award by Arts Foundation

2016 New Zealand Arts Awards Recipients Announced — 14.11.16
The Arts Foundation is proud to announce the recipients of the 2016 New Zealand Arts Awards.   more

This year’s Awards feature eleven incredible New Zealand artists with major international influence.

From an extraordinary talent pool, eleven artists, two philanthropists and four arts organisations have been chosen as the 2016 recipients of the coveted Laureate and New Generation awards, Harriet Friedlander New York Residency, the Award for Patronage and the Katherine Mansfield Menton Fellowship.  [ READ MORE ]

October 20, 2016

Edith Beaucage is Vibrating off the Walls at Luis De Jesus

Edith Beaucage’s paintings pulsate with bright acrylic pigments at the Luis De Jesus Gallery in Culver City. This fresh and inspiring exhibition, “Sequencer – Spectrum – Reverb,” features 25 mostly small-to-medium sized paintings that interact with each other playfully.   more

Beaucage’s world is filled with techno music surround sound.

Her abstract, gooey, melodious and loosely representational portraits of millennials are aptly titled with Euro pop names, such as Basil and Zeek, Otto in Pottsdam, Producer Bruno B and DJ Ferdy Scholk. Most portraits portray an individual, head and shoulder only, but a few of her paintings are tightly gathered groups. Her artworks vibrate through their impasto-like, seemingly wet surfaces of paper mounted on to canvas. [ READ MORE ]

September 08, 2016

brian zanisnik's installation at Socrates Sculpture Park earns "Highbrow-Brilliant" status in NY Magazine's weekly 'Approval Matrix'

Artist Bryan Zanisnik will scatter life-sized busts of Christopher Walken across the grounds, paying homage to the Astoria-born actor through a farcical narrative that will be portrayed within a kiosk. [ READ MORE ]

September 05, 2016

FEDERICO SOLMI | Luis De Jesus Gallery

Federico Solmi’s “The Brotherhood” offers a dystopian nightmare-scape where the cult of celebrity overwhelms one’s every sense. The pseudo-cliché of the beautiful versus the profane collides in the meticulously painted frames of “smart” TVs projecting Solmi’s drawings and paintings, as rendered into 3D animation loops portraying some of the most notable times of history. The exhibit is overwhelming and would definitely terrify any suburban mom. [ READ MORE ]

July 16, 2016

See Your Favorite World Leaders Host an Exuberant Dinner Party

Pope Benedict XVI is hosting a lavish dinner party and—as long as you are another world leader—you’re invited! This is the premise of The Ballroom, one of many video installations by artist Federico Solmi on display at Los Angeles gallery Luis De Jesus.   more

The Brotherhood, his solo exhibition at the space, brings together historical figures like Marie Antoinette, Christopher Columbus, and Benito Mussolini in a variety of absurd scenarios in an effort to highlight the absurdity inherent in proclaiming yourself a “world leader.” [ READ MORE ]

July 07, 2016

Federico Solmi at Luis De Jesus Gallery; Hunter Drohojowska-Philp is excited by this artists hand drawn animations.

Incredulity, curiosity, delight, all are emotions that flooded in as I watched animated videos of The Brotherhood by Federico Solmi at Luis De Jesus Gallery. The Brotherhood, according to the artist, consists of the powerbrokers of world history. They are gathered here to celebrate their victories without a moment of regret: Napoleon Bonaparte, Genghis Khan, Christopher Columbus, Benito Mussolini, Sitting Bull, Marie Antoinette, Idi Amin, Montezuma and more.   more

He seems to say that the abuse of high position spans centuries, continents, race and gender. [ LISTEN TO PODCAST ]

June 28, 2016

FEDERICO SOLM: The Brotherhood

Federico Solmi’s character-based, narrative animations are over the top, dense and impossible to step away from. His animations begin as paintings on paper, a methodology that insures a handmade feel. The paintings are then scanned and composited via 3D modeling software and video game engines. Each animation in “The Brotherhood” is a critique of power using historical and mythical figures from the past including, for example, Pope Benedict XVI, Julius Caesar, George Washington and Genghis Kahn.   more

Solmi immerses these figures in imagined scenarios that develop across multiple monitors. The works are engaging as portraits as they are simultaneously cutting critiques. Not only does Solmi create obsessively layered animations, he also extends these drawings outside the screen, framing the monitors with mixed media drawings and gold leaf. (Luis De Jesus Los Angeles, Culver City). 

June 21, 2016

review: The media age run amok in 'Federico Solmi: The Brotherhood' at Luis De Jesus Gallery

Imagine animating the surging throngs in James Ensor’s monumental 1888 masterpiece, “Christ’s Entry Into Brussels in 1889,” with its grotesque painted caricatures of mobs populating church and state and engulfed in an alarming aura of surging madness. You’ll have some idea of what Federico Solmi’s “The Brotherhood” is like. [ READ MORE ]