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March 05, 2016

Ken Gonzales-Day included in the exhibition 'Our America: The Latino Presence in American Art'

Organized by the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Our America: The Latino Presence in American Art presents the rich and varied contributions of Latino artists in the United States since the mid-20th century, when the concept of a collective Latino identity began to emerge. Our America showcases the rich diversity of Latino communities in the United States and features artists of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Dominican descent, as well as other Latin American groups with deep roots in the United States.   more

It explores how Latino artists shaped the artistic movements of their day and recalibrated key themes in American art and culture. The exhibition presents works in all media by more than 50 leading modern and contemporary artists. [READ MORE]

March 03, 2016

Josh Reames and Jose Lérmas at Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

When I lived adjacent to my university’s football stadium, an aural read of its emanating roar could be deeply confusing: celebration or war? Far from the harmonies of a choir, the sour cacophony of competing cheers sounded, I’m sure, better from within.

Josh Reames and Jose Lérma have created something of a visual equivalent at Luis de Jesus.   more

He Hath Founded It Upon the Seas (I and II), depicting aspects of the Cayman Islands’ “Pirates Week” festival, is more fun to observe than to inhabit—an ambivalent “wish you were here.” Celebratory cannon fire causes real damage to the island gift shop, and damp clouds of smoke. The palm trees of the tropical setting nod to L.A. (the work was created on site), while a turtle perching a pineapple on its nose-beak alludes to both the welcoming of guests symbolized by the pineapple and the performative, circus-like trickery of tourism.

March 03, 2016

Exhibit | José Lerma & Josh Reames at Luis De Jesus Gallery

A collaboration between two talented artists results in a monument of meaningful sociopolitical satire.
Culver City is buzzing about two monumental paintings created in collaboration between internationally exhibited artists José Lerma and Josh Reames, on display at Luis De Jesus gallery through March 6, 2016.   more

Both contemporary pop-style artists are known for their spatial and sequential interplay, but this collaboration synthesizes Lerma’s allegorical portrayals with Reame’s digital-like renditions and pacing, together attaining a new kind of two-dimensional adventure for viewers. [ READ MORE ]

March 01, 2016

Freewheeling: Josh Reames and José Lerma Collaborate

The collaborative paintings of Josh Reames and Jose Lerma are a pas de deux in draftsmanship: Lerma’s freewheeling, skinny line cavorts with Reames’s softer, rounded marks and carefully taped off volumes. The two artists here join forces for the first time, having spent all of January working in situ at the Luis De Jesus gallery, a habitual approach for Lerma but a first for Reames.   more

They first met at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (Lerma was Reames’s adviser), and have since become friends.

The front room holds two enormous paintings on facing walls, He Hath Founded It Upon the Seas I and II, both depicting fantastical assemblies of pirates, colonialists, or figures that amalgamate the two. The figures appear in a tropical setting referencing the Cayman Islands, notorious as a tax shelter and invoked in the first painting by images of a lion, three starfish, a turtle, and a pineapple, all found on the islands’ official crest (as is the paintings’ title) and in the second by inclusion of Ugland House, the administrative center for the territory. Ranging in color from jet blacks to faint grays and a few neutral hues, the scenes are composed with energetic goofiness. Lerma’s multi-eyed caricatures jostle in tight clusters amidst the chaos of Reames’ cannonballs, beer bottles, googly eyes, cigarettes, and blocky exclamation marks hovering illusionistically above the canvas surface. [READ MORE]

February 27, 2016

Josh Reames and Jose Lérma

Josh Reames' crafty airbrushed and trump l'oeil-heavy paintings are given a healthy re-fresh through a collaboration with his friend and fellow painter Jose Lérma. Together they've created two mural-sized paintings (which were custom made to fill both long walls of the front gallery) dubbed "He Hath Founded It Upon The Seas (I and II)."  more

They’re simultaneously cartoony and epic, replete with seafaring and island iconography and doodle-like caricatures of disembodied noses, colonizers hauling bowling ball/bombs and an immense sandal-clad leg stepping across the middle of the expanse. [ READ MORE ]

February 27, 2016

Daughter, Mother, Mirror: Zackary Drucker's Southern For Pussy

Throughout Zackary Drucker's work, there's a consistent theme: collaboration. From Translady Fanzine, her photographic collaboration with Amos Mac, to She Gone Rogue, the film that brought Drucker and Rhys Ernst to the 2014 Whitney Biennial, to Transparent,'s Emmy Award-winning television series on which Drucker serves as associate producer, Drucker seems to work best in dialogue with others. Southern For Pussy (2015), Drucker's recently-released pilot for OpenTV, is no exception.   more

In this mini-episode, Drucker returns again to a collaboration that has fueled some of her most striking work, as she writes and acts alongside Penny Sori, her mother. Yet with Southern For Pussy, Drucker not only revisits her collaboration with her mother. In addition, she continues to explore a visual vocabulary of collaboration that she has developed through the image of the mirror and the figure of the double.  [ READ MORE ]

February 23, 2016

Ken Gonzales-Day: 'SKIN' exhibition tackles race through art.

It can be tough to have a conversation about race. Oftentimes, it's controversial and in your face.

But one way to explore how we feel about race in a more thoughtful way might be through art.
The Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery has debuted a new exhibition SKIN now on display through April 17th.

One piece by artist April Bey is different shades of brown smeared in vertical stripes against the canvas, inviting you to put your own hand against it to see where it fits on the spectrum.   more

But the captions above and below change from words like "articulate" to "abrasive" as the shades get darker. [READ MORE}

February 18, 2016

luis de jesus: josh reames and josé lerma

In his latest exhibition at Luis De Jesus, Josh Reames has collaborated with long-time friend José Lerma, in situ, to produce two large-scale triptych paintings and sculpture.

In the front gallery, two ambitious paintings extending the length of each wall, nearly floor to ceiling, confound the viewer like a momentary parting of seas. Reading like two scrolling seascapes replete with iconic seafaring war imagery and the seemingly bombastic fumings of various art historical styles.   more

Further inspection, reveals these images to be light-hearted, playful, and far more bizarre than initially suggested; a Monty Python-esque journey through the storied and violent Colonial history of the Caribbean.  [ READ MORE ]

February 18, 2016

EXHIBITION: Josh Reames & José Lerma at Luis De Jesus, Los Angeles


r /> The Genesis of the Art World, or In the Beginning was the Paint...

Luis De Jesus got the great idea to offer two artists, Josh Reames and José Lerma, a residency at the gallery for the whole month of January, allowing these “four hands” to collaborate and create a group of paintings and sculpture whose centerpiece is a pair of monumental paintings (composed of two triptychs) that measure 10 x 24 feet each (over 3 x 7 meters).

It’s a relief to see that these two busy artists put their egos aside and delivered a true “four hands” artwork.

February 07, 2016

Ken Gonzales-Day included in 'SKIN' Exhibition

The election of President Obama in 2008 and re-election in 2012 marked the emergence of a new period in race relations and identity politics in the United States. One in which significant advancements underscore deeper, more persistent ruptures in the skin that binds us as Americans. President Obama, from a multiracial family, represented the most potent and singular figure for the progress made by the civil rights movement, multiculturalism, and identity politics from the previous decades.   more

Some even argued that his election marked the moment of post-racism in the country’s history. And yet, since election, numerous racialized incidents have occurred that tell a different story. The exhibition SKIN brings thirty-six artists whose work is timely and engaged in many ways with these broader debates. The gallery acts as a discursive space where these disparate conversations can have a platform, and where further productive work and reflection on these topics can proceed. [READ MORE]