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May 06, 2015


Look hard and you might spot Zackary Drucker in Transparent, the Amazon dramedy about Mort-who's-becoming-Maura. Drucker appears on screen as a support-group facilitator for only a few moments, but her behind-the-scenes influence was profound. Along with filmmaker Rhys Ernst, she advised series creator Jill Soloway on shaping storylines, developing Maura's backstory, bringing on trans actors and crew members and ensuring the on-set bathrooms were gender-neutral. [ READ MORE ]

April 20, 2015

josh reames featured: 5 Must-See Gallery Shows: Gaetano Pesce, Nina Beier, and More


“Time Flies Like a Banana” at Johannes Vogt Gallery, through May 9 (526 West 26th Street, Suite 205)

A three-person show of work by Josh Reames, Ron Ewert, and Greg Ito, this exhibition earns its oddly slapstick title. Reames — a Dallas artist recently relocated to Brooklyn — continues to kill it with painted and airbrushed canvases that resemble cluttered computer screens awash with jarring medleys of clip art (a happy cigarette here, some purple-tinted lemons there).   more

Ewert’s paintings are stark black-on-white renderings of faces or what seem to be jittery, nearly indecipherable street scenes. Ito presents a series of “model cakes” sourced online, their faux-fruit toppings pierced by cheap belly button rings and the like. An accompanying sculpture pairs similarly adorned fake plants threaded into off-white office blinds. A bright yellow stud-wall bisects the gallery space, allowing room to hang additional paintings, as well as a door propped open by a plastic baguette.

April 10, 2015

L.A. Times Review: Gonzales-day fills the holes of history

Ken Gonzales-Day's work is instructive but far from didactic. It's a history lesson taught through the framing of holes in the record and by collapsing the space between different times and places. It disturbs in direct proportion to its importance, and it does disturb.

Gonzales-Day began his "Erased Lynching" series in 2000 to explore the underrepresentation and misrepresentation of racially motivated lynching. In his new work at Luis De Jesus, he extends the series into film for the first time. [ READ MORE ]

April 02, 2015

ken gonzales-day featured:
Datebook: Art of the column, visions of Hell, California's dark history

Ken Gonzales-Day, “Run Up,” at Luis De Jesus Los Angeles. Photographer Gonzales-Day continues his investigation into the history of Latino lynchings in California — part of his “Erased Lynching” series. In a new body of work, he has re-staged a historic 1920 lynching that occurred in Santa Rosa using actors and captures their actions in film and photography.   more

The show also includes stills that incorporate images that Gonzales-Day made in Los Angeles, during protests of a Missouri grand jury’s decision not to indict the police officer in the shooting death of Michael Brown.  [ READ ON ]

April 01, 2015

ken gonzales-day featured: "Glasstire: SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TOP 5 EVENTS"

3. Ken Gonzales-Day: RUN UP

Ken Gonzales-Day, who has been studying the history of lynching for years, based his first film, Run Up, on a reenactment of events surrounding a 1920 lynching of a Latino names Charles Valento in Santa Rosa. The Scripps professor will screen the film and exhibit a series of still photographs from it. He'll also show photographs shot last November, during an L.A. protest march following the Grand Jury’s contested decision to acquit the police officer who shot Michael Brown in Ferguson. [ READ MORE ]

April 01, 2015

Ken gonzales-day featured: "the guide: 30 can't-miss events in april"

The LA artist is known for incorporating vintage images of lynchings into those of beautiful trees. The exhibition", "Run Up showcases his latest work, which includes photographs of the aftermath of the Ferguson, Missouri, shooting. 

April 01, 2015

ken gonzales-day at luis de jesus los angeles

Luis De Jesus Los Angeles is pleased to present Ken Gonzales-Day: Run Up, the artist’s second solo exhibition at the gallery, on view from April 4 through May 9. The exhibition will present Gonzales-Day’s newest series of photographs and the premiere of his first film, Run Up—a project of Creative Capital, which Gonzales-Day was awarded in 2012. The gallery will host an informal breakfast and artist talk moderated by Kate Palmer Albers, Ph.D., to coincide with PARIS PHOTO Los Angeles, on Sunday, May 3 from 8 to 11am. [ READ ON ]

March 30, 2015

Kate Bonner, Chris Engman, and Ken Gonzales-day featured in: "daily breeze: Torrance Art Museum opens concurrent exhibits challenging perceptions"

If the images on display in the Torrance Art Museum’s latest photography exhibit cause people to gaze with curiosity or take a second look, that’s OK.

The show is meant to challenge the definition of a photograph.

“This exhibit shows how artists are using photography in new and different ways, how they’re redefining the medium and challenging the medium.   more

A lot of the artists in the show are not strictly photographers,” said Chris Reynolds, curator of “Second Sight: New Representations in Photography,” open through May 14. [ READ MORE ]

March 29, 2015


The 11th FEMSA Monterrey Biennial will be presented at the historic San Ildefonso College in Mexico City from April 28 through July 26, 2015. HUGO CROSTHWAITE, awarded the Grand Acquisition Prize, will be attending. 

March 28, 2015

MOB JUSTICE: Ken Gonzales-Day's chilling show ties a vigilante lynching to modern-day police shootings...

The latest work, part of the artist’s Erased Lynching series, is interspersed with stills shot in Los Angeles and Missouri in the aftermath of the Ferguson Grand Jury indictment over the killing of unarmed black teen Michael Brown, drawing parallels between the vigilantism of lynching and police shootings today... [ READ MORE ]