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January 14, 2016

'Races of Mankind' sculptures displayed again, in a new light, at the Field

When the "Races of Mankind" statues were finally taken off public display at the Field Museum in 1969, they were seen as relics from an earlier era of thinking about differences in the human species.

Malvina Hoffman's mostly bronze sculptures, a hit at the 1933 World's Fair and for decades beyond, aimed to show museum goers the rich variety of humankind, from a Brooklyn bodybuilder to a Pacific islander climbing a palm tree. They were beautiful objects, as you might expect from a woman who had studied with Auguste Rodin. [ READ MORE ]

January 03, 2016

Fino all’8.I.2016 Federico Solmi, The grat dictator
Dino Morra Arte Contemporanea, Napoli

Appena conclusa la sua personale "The Brotherhood", presso la Postmaster Gallery di New York, Federico Solmi (Bologna, 1973) torna a Napoli dopo sei anni di assenza, nell'incantevole e malinconica cornice dell'Ex Lanificio militare, nei pressi di Porta Capuana, ospite della Galleria Dino Morra Arte Contemporanea.   more

In questa occasione, l’artista bolognese, che vive e lavora a New York da quindici anni, espone una trilogia video dal titolo impavido Chinese Democracy and the Last Day on Earth, un'opera ricca e multiforme, realizzata attraverso un lavoro di ricerca durato tre anni. L'opera si serve di tecnologie innovative, talvolta trascurate nell'arte contemporanea, proponendo una vera e propria narrazione, una storia raccontata attraverso un'accesa passione per il disegno e la pittura, mescolati a immagini estrapolate dal mondo dei videogiochi e della cultura pop.
L'opera è composta da tre parti, ciascuna di nove minuti - A Song of Tyranny, Chinese Democracy e The Last Day on Earth - in cui Solmi mostra la sua continua e quasi ossessiva attrazione per la società contemporanea, dandone tuttavia una visione distopica e coscientemente critica.  [ READ MORE ]

December 31, 2015

The Most Fascinating Artworks of 2015, featuring Federico Solmi

Walking into Federico Solmi’s exhibition at Postmasters was one of the most entertaining experiences of the year. His satirical paintings feature animated historical leaders twitching and dancing to their own beat around the room. The artist paints various scenes per work and digitally projects the paintings over meticulously crafted 3D rendered figures. In the painting The Waltz, Solmi has many of history’s most revered leaders engaging in cocktail chatter and fluttering about a ballroom.   more

The overall effect is hilarious and a completely unique artwork that showcases an innovative use of technology. Solmi also seeks to brings forth questions about how we view tend to cast a favorable light on some of history’s most cruel leaders. [ READ MORE ]

December 27, 2015

ArtList’s 3 Must See Shows: New Still House Group & The Hole with Kate Bonner

Not a Photo” presents the impossible: “a group photo show where no photos will be exhibited!” Instead, the exhibit examines the genre of photography itself — the ways in which artists are using photography as a step in a multi-media process, rather than as a finished product, or how, with the ubiquity of photo-capable smartphones and devices, the title of “photographer” itself has changed in recent years.   more

Thus in the absence of actual photographs, the show engages in a relevant investigation of the media’s impact on contemporary art. [ READ MORE ]

December 24, 2015

The 30 Most Exciting Artists in North America Today: Part Two--featuring Zackary Drucker

30. Zackary Drucker
Drucker, a multimedia artist who was featured on our list of 15 revolutionary transgender artists, participated in Cooper Union's acclaimed "Bring Your Own Body: Transgender Between Archives and Aesthetics" alongside Chris Vargas, Vaginal Davis, Justin Vivian Bond, and others.   more

Drucker is also a co-producer on the acclaimed Amazon series "Transparent," which will return for a second season in 2016.

She will also be featured alongside longtime collaborator and partner Rhys Ernst in a photography show at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art in spring 2016, which will explore the pair's journey a transgender couple. [ READ MORE ]

December 23, 2015

Fantasia al potere. Federico Solmi torna a Napoli

Federico Solmi (Bologna, 1973; vive a New York – qui l’intervista pubblicata a inizio dicembre) torna a Napoli, questa volta ospite della Galleria Dino Morra, per misurarsi con uno spazio effervescente – l’ex Lanificio di Porta Capuana – e realizzare un progetto esclusivo che punta l’indice sul volto buio del potere, su un ambiente politico che distrugge le individualità e nuoce gravemente al benessere dello Stato.   more

Con The Great Dictator l’artista illumina infatti gli spazi della galleria e modella, mediante un’elegante videotrilogia – A Song of Tyranny, Chinese Democracy and The Last Day on Earth e The Return of the Prodigal Son – che si avvale di immagini prese a prestito dal mondo della fumettistica, del videogame e di Internet, una riflessione tagliente su un organismo malato, su un sistema che ha abbandonato le proprie qualità per succhiare la linfa democratica della società.
Completata da due light-box e da una serie di dodici disegni, la mostra propone l’ampio spettro di un’acuta ricerca che è in grado di restituire il declino di una civiltà segnata dal denaro, dalle multinazionali e da un logorante potere di turno.

Antonello Tolve [ READ MORE ]

December 16, 2015

JAMES HYDE: GROUND Review by Annabel Osberg ·

Entering James Hyde’s show at Luis De Jesus, one immediately wonders: What sort of pictures are these? At first glance, it is difficult to determine whether the expansive images are manual or mechanical, painterly or photographic.

Materially, they are hybrids.   more

Each canvas is inkjet-printed with one or more intricately detailed landscape photos that are subsequently covered, divided and framed by abstract hand-painted curves and circles suggestive of Minimalist and Color Field painting.

As a mode of representation, photography is commonly privileged over painting. Withal, painting purists eschew the idea of combining traditional pigments with photos or other mechanical technologies. In splicing painting and photography, Hyde challenges dualistic notions that pit one against the other. Yet his larger goal is to expand the scope of painting. While his pictures technically occupy both realms, the artist maintains that they are paintings. The exhibition’s innuendo-laden title, “Ground,” is partly a reference to Hyde’s use of photographic representations of terrain as substrates for painterly gestures. [ READ MORE ]

December 15, 2015

Artnet Asks: Luis De Jesus, On Dealing on the West Coast

After a successful 20 years living and working in New York, Luis De Jesus had enough of that particular lifestyle. Since his move to California, he has built up his eponymous gallery, Luis De Jesus Los Angeles, into a thriving business that focuses on emerging contemporary artists, exhibiting rising stars like Josh Reames and Kate Bonner alongside more established artists such as James Hyde.   more

The current exhibition, " Surface," features Alexi Worth's pleasantly surreal paintings, and is on view through December 19.

Here, Luis discusses what's next for his gallery, and wonders if the art world is heading towards an inevitable Bloomberg-QVC-TMZ-like future.  [ READ MORE ]

December 12, 2015

Künstler des Monats unserer Dezember / Januarausgabe
Inspiration Internet

Josh Reames lässt in seiner Arbeit Malerei und Internetästhetik aufeinanderprallen – so wirken seine Bilder bisweilen eher wie Compilations oder ästhetische Mixtapes. Der 1986 in Dallas geborene und mittlerweile in Brooklyn lebende Künstler bringt in seinen Gemälden nicht nur unterschiedlichste künstlerische Techniken in einem Bild zusammenzubringen, sondern auch eine Spannbreite von Themenwelten, von bunten Früchten, über digitale Benutzeroberflächen, Graffiti, Landschaften bis hin zu abstrakten Farbflächen.   more

Frederike Wetzels hat mit dem Künstler über seine Malerei, deren Bezug zum Internet und die Ästhetik von Alltagsgegenständen gesprochen.  [ READ MORE ]

December 09, 2015

JAMES HYDE: Ground Review, by Hearne Pardee

Perceptual psychologists have long dismissed the notion that our brain records images like a camera; seeing is an interactive process of grazing, in a visual field that extends around us on all sides, rather than a series of flat images projected to a single point. Yet photographic images retain special authority as records of visual experience. In his current exhibition, James Hyde undertakes to dislodge this persistent prejudice.   more

Assuming the liberty of abstract painting, where elements can be combined freely, Hyde rotates, crops and juxtaposes his photographs of California landscapes, while disrupting the natural continuity of their spaces with large dots and curved bands of color. [ READ MORE ]