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February 07, 2016

Ken Gonzales-Day included in 'SKIN' Exhibition

The election of President Obama in 2008 and re-election in 2012 marked the emergence of a new period in race relations and identity politics in the United States. One in which significant advancements underscore deeper, more persistent ruptures in the skin that binds us as Americans. President Obama, from a multiracial family, represented the most potent and singular figure for the progress made by the civil rights movement, multiculturalism, and identity politics from the previous decades.   more

Some even argued that his election marked the moment of post-racism in the country’s history. And yet, since election, numerous racialized incidents have occurred that tell a different story. The exhibition SKIN brings thirty-six artists whose work is timely and engaged in many ways with these broader debates. The gallery acts as a discursive space where these disparate conversations can have a platform, and where further productive work and reflection on these topics can proceed. [READ MORE]

February 06, 2016


A Few Questions for Photo-Sculptor Kate Bonner on Making the Frame the Star

Using a combination of sculpture, photography, and painting, Kate Bonner speaks to our current state of confusion about what, exactly, photographs are and where they live (in the "cloud," on paper, or in memory, to name a few possibilities). Made with the help of CNC routers and scanners, her works manipulate images in ways obvious and not and force them to interact with colorful frames and supports. [ READ MORE ]

February 03, 2016

josh reames and jose lerma featured: "5 Must-See Shows in Los Angeles"

Jose Lerma and Josh Reames at Luis De Jesus, through March 6 (2685 S La Cienaga Boulevard)

After a busy three weeks working in situ, this painterly duo unveils an epic collaborative effort, with paintings that combine Reames’s astute digital-inflected renderings and Lerma’s skinny-airbrush mastery.   more

The narrative underpinning should resonate with any collector deep-pocketed enough to acquire the massive effort: It’s all about the Cayman Islands, a “Caribbean paradise and tax haven with a history of piracy,” according to press materials. [ READ MORE ]

January 27, 2016

OPENING: JOSH REAMES & JOSÉ LERMA, January 30 - March 5, 2016
Artists' Reception: Saturday, January 30th, 7-10 pm.

Luis De Jesus Los Angeles is pleased to present a collaborative exhibition featuring JOSH REAMES and JOSÉ LERMA, on view from January 30 through March 5, 2016. An artists' reception will take place on Saturday, January 30th, from 7-10 pm.

Using the gallery as their studio during the month of January, Reames and Lerma have created a group of paintings and sculpture whose centerpiece is a pair of monumental paintings (composed of two triptychs) that measure 10 x 24 feet each (over 3 x 7 meters).   more

It started with Josh Reames painting a single palm tree and quickly evolved into a metaphorical landscape inspired by the Cayman Inlands - a Caribbean paradise and tax haven with a history of piracy.  [ READ MORE ]

January 19, 2016

Luis de jesus los angeles featured: "Los Angeles’s Must-See Galleries, Museums, and Art-World Watering Holes"

Nothing defines Los Angeles, that sprawling California metropolis, quite like its medley of neighborhoods. Hollywood is known for its mansion-dotted hills and Golden Age ghosts, Downtown for its charged clash of high-end condos and Skid Row, and Santa Monica for its muscle beaches and oceanfront views. These, and the hundreds of areas in between, each with their own personality, make up the city’s storied landscape—and L.A.’s art scene spreads through all of them.   more

Over the past seven years, Art Los Angeles Contemporary (ALAC) has galvanized the city’s diverse cohort of neighborhoods at the end of January. To coincide with the art fair, blockbuster shows, performances, galas, and openings by ace artists transpire around the city, coming together informally as “L.A. art week.” [ READ MORE ]

January 18, 2016

Federico Solmi joins faculty at The Yale University School of Art for 2016

Congratulations Federico!  [ READ MORE ]

January 15, 2016

Last Thoughts on Ricky Gervais, by Zackary Drucker

Ricky Gervais is still under fire from the transgender community and our allies for his remarks as the Golden Globes emcee. In the tradition of the insult comedy of Don Rickles and Joan Rivers, Gervais's barbs often come at the expense of celebrities and artists who are expected to be good sports about it. According to him, anyone who criticizes his humor is a "whiner."

Insult comedy is an acquired taste. Gervais ridiculed three people who have subverted gender in their lives and acting roles, and to many of us, this is more than just distasteful.   more

His jokes weren't funny. Gervais is as funny as Donald Trump in his expression of hateful, misogynistic speech. Let's give the Golden Globes audience credit: Their few uncomfortable laughs came amid overall silence. [ READ MORE ]

January 14, 2016

'Races of Mankind' sculptures displayed again, in a new light, at the Field

When the "Races of Mankind" statues were finally taken off public display at the Field Museum in 1969, they were seen as relics from an earlier era of thinking about differences in the human species.

Malvina Hoffman's mostly bronze sculptures, a hit at the 1933 World's Fair and for decades beyond, aimed to show museum goers the rich variety of humankind, from a Brooklyn bodybuilder to a Pacific islander climbing a palm tree. They were beautiful objects, as you might expect from a woman who had studied with Auguste Rodin. [ READ MORE ]

January 03, 2016

Fino all’8.I.2016 Federico Solmi, The grat dictator
Dino Morra Arte Contemporanea, Napoli

Appena conclusa la sua personale "The Brotherhood", presso la Postmaster Gallery di New York, Federico Solmi (Bologna, 1973) torna a Napoli dopo sei anni di assenza, nell'incantevole e malinconica cornice dell'Ex Lanificio militare, nei pressi di Porta Capuana, ospite della Galleria Dino Morra Arte Contemporanea.   more

In questa occasione, l’artista bolognese, che vive e lavora a New York da quindici anni, espone una trilogia video dal titolo impavido Chinese Democracy and the Last Day on Earth, un'opera ricca e multiforme, realizzata attraverso un lavoro di ricerca durato tre anni. L'opera si serve di tecnologie innovative, talvolta trascurate nell'arte contemporanea, proponendo una vera e propria narrazione, una storia raccontata attraverso un'accesa passione per il disegno e la pittura, mescolati a immagini estrapolate dal mondo dei videogiochi e della cultura pop.
L'opera è composta da tre parti, ciascuna di nove minuti - A Song of Tyranny, Chinese Democracy e The Last Day on Earth - in cui Solmi mostra la sua continua e quasi ossessiva attrazione per la società contemporanea, dandone tuttavia una visione distopica e coscientemente critica.  [ READ MORE ]

December 31, 2015

The Most Fascinating Artworks of 2015, featuring Federico Solmi

Walking into Federico Solmi’s exhibition at Postmasters was one of the most entertaining experiences of the year. His satirical paintings feature animated historical leaders twitching and dancing to their own beat around the room. The artist paints various scenes per work and digitally projects the paintings over meticulously crafted 3D rendered figures. In the painting The Waltz, Solmi has many of history’s most revered leaders engaging in cocktail chatter and fluttering about a ballroom.   more

The overall effect is hilarious and a completely unique artwork that showcases an innovative use of technology. Solmi also seeks to brings forth questions about how we view tend to cast a favorable light on some of history’s most cruel leaders. [ READ MORE ]