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June 03, 2014

Possible Event: Kate Bonner at Luis De Jesus (Los Angeles)

The sun turned blue and fell, leaving an enigmatic black hole on the Los Angeles sky. Kate Bonner's "Possible Event" at Luis De Jesus imprinted this image in my head as if this phenomenon was a possible memory.

I look at one of Bonner’s works, In Two Places at Once. It contains a saturated photograph, which appears three dimensional on the surface because of shadows created by the bending of the photograph, and a piece of what appears to be blue leather.   more

On top of the blue leather is a circle, like a single drop of water, giving the opposite effect of a magnifying glass. All these materials sit on a white surface, its left side featuring a dark gradient due to the exposure of these objects to a scanner. I realize that this piece is indicative of most of her work: fragments of materials or photographs that are scanned and then printed onto a flat, irregular surface. The materials used are often ripped, bent, or cropped; they are fragmented documentation of documentation.  [ READ ON ]

May 26, 2014

ken gonzales-day featured in: “Encounters at The Edge of The Forest” at UIC’s Gallery 400"

Encounters at The Edge of The Forest asks us to read the tree as the site where the capricious wild of the savage garden comes closest to resembling human architectures. This resembling pitches the tree at the deeply uncertain divide between nature and culture; in the symbol of the biblical Tree of Knowledge, on the boundary between paradisaical lackaday and the atrocities of human enterprise.   more

Ken Gonzales-Day’s work references the appalling history of the lynching photograph, locating the historic trees on which lynchings occurred in the contemporary American landscape. Gonzales-Day re-photographs the trees as haunting reminders of an abominable past, and still haunting reminders of the quietude and indifference of nature. Jennifer Scott’s life-sized silhouettes of hanged bodies are collaged from lynching postcards. Scott has removed the individual victims from these images, leaving the negative outlines of bodies behind. The effect is a ghostly doubling or totalizing bodily stand-in for the anonymous victims of racial violence; here, the tree is implied.  [ READ ON ]

May 17, 2014

ken gonzales-day featured in: "Even Trees Can Be Political / Chicago Photo Exhibit Demarcates Literal Boundaries

The anonymous narrator of Robert Frost’s 1914 poem “Mending Wall” wonders why his neighbor insists upon having an artificial barrier between their properties. “He is all pine and I am apple orchard. My apple trees will never get across and eat the cones under his pines,” he says.   more

But all his neighbor does is echo, “Good fences make good neighbors.”

It’s easy to envision borders as templates imposed on nature from without, often in a manner that disrupts the landscape, but in art, nature has frequently been represented as itself delineating space — both sacred and secular.

Supernatural trees, such as the Edenic Trees of Life and of Knowledge, have long indicated holy spaces. A blinding light banishes the original couple from an idyllic garden in Thomas Cole’s 1828 “Expulsion from the Garden of Eden,” for example, in which the difficult path ahead of Adam and Eve assumes the form of gnarly, dying trees — a sharp contrast with Eden’s perfect symmetry and lush growth.
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May 15, 2014

Interview: Kate Bonner Shares Her Photographic Sculptures at Luis De Jesus Gallery

At last weekend's Paris Photo LA, many works stood out to us for their ability to talk about photography in fresh, captivating ways. One such artist at the helm of sculptural photography pieces is Kate Bonner, who showed two of her works at Luis De Jesus Gallery's booth this year.

Bonner's works typically combine photography, sculpture, and installation for pieces that appear to come out of walls and corners. At the fair in particular, one seemed to be trying to leave the fair entirely, as it was positioned at an exit.   more

Kate's work reflects many of the explorations happening in photography today. We caught up with her to ask a few questions about her pieces and learned about her upcoming exhibition at the gallery in LA from May 17 to June 28.
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May 15, 2014

This Trans* Couple Photographed Their Changing Relationship — & Genders

Rhys Ernst and Zackary Drucker didn't intend to turn their lives into a public photography exhibition. They began documenting their relationship through photographs in 2008, and over the next five and a half years, they amassed hundreds of images. The snapshots — taken by them and for them — chronicle Ernst and Drucker's time spent together as lovers and partners. Encouraged by a curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art, Ernst and Drucker selected the 46 photographs featured in Relationship, now on view at the Whitney Biennial.   more

Raw and arrestingly intimate, Relationship chronicles Ernst and Drucker’s private moments as an opposite-oriented transgender couple — over the time period in which the photos were taken, Ernst was transitioning from female to male, while Drucker was transitioning from male to female.  [ READ ON ]

May 05, 2014

ken gonzales-day featured in: "Encounters at the Edge of the Forest Exhibition now open at Gallery 400, UIC"

Curated by the 2014 Exhibition Practices class of the Museum and Exhibition Studies program in the UIC School of Art and Art History, the Encounters at the Edge of the Forest exhibit opened this weekend and will run through Sunday, June 14 at Gallery 400.

Encounters at the Edge of the Forest, is an exhibition surveying a far-flung and worldwide range of artistic responses to the strange and fraught ways in which trees and forests have often proved staging grounds for ideas about nationhood, nation building, and nationalist violence. [ READ ON ]

April 22, 2014

19 New Works Of Art That Have The World Buzzing:

Zackary Drucker and Rhys Ernst

A great piece of art can get the world talking, and create a lasting impression that people continue to buzz about for years to come. We asked art experts, like the folks from Artsy, to select the most talked-about works of art from galleries, auction houses, or art shows within the last year or so. As a part of the 2014 Whitney Biennial, American artists Zackary Drucker and Rhys Ernst collaborated on a collection of photographs called "Relationship," which aims to give the viewer an intimate glimpse into their relationship as a transgender couple.   more

The series is on display at the Whitney Museum through May 25.
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April 03, 2014

True Story Telling: In conversation with Rhys Ernst and Zackary Drucker

Zackary Drucker is a photographer and performance artist who works with body politics, often through fantastical lens. Exploring gender identity and presentation in vivid yet conceptual ways, as in her 2010 performance "One First", in which she posed on a rotating turn table sound-tracked to a recording of a spectacular, academic discourse concerning gender binary. Drucker has two works featured in the 2014 Whitney Biennial made in collaborating with her partner, Rhys Ernst, a filmmaker best known for his 2012 Sundance short "The Thing".  [ READ ON ]

April 02, 2014

Erased Lynchings by L.A.-based Artist Ken Gonzales-Day Included at Our America Exhibition

Opening today, April 2nd, 2014 at the Frost Art Museum a major collective exhibition entitled "Our America: The Latino Presence in American Art" (On view through June 22nd) includes the work entitled "Erased Lynchings series" by California-born artist Ken Gonzales-Day (BFA Pratt Institute; MA Hunter College, New York; MFA University of California, Irvine).   more

Based in Los Angeles, Gonzales-Day, 50, is represented by Luis de Jesus Los Angeles and at the Frost exhibition he will be exhibiting one of his interdisciplinary and conceptually grounded projects that consider the history of photography.
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April 01, 2014

zackary drucker and rhys ernst: six years

John Hutt: Over what period were the pictures shot?
Zackary Drucker: The earliest images are from 2008 and the latest ones were taken this past summer: 2013.
Rhys Ernst: We started taking pictures at the very beginning of our relationship, and continue to. We took a picture of ourselves this morning when we woke up.

John Hutt: The pictures are very tender, your relationship is clearly very strong - did you discuss sharing all this with the world, or did it simply seem the natural thing to do? [ READ ON ]