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June Edmonds - Projects - Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

For Which It Stands is an evolving physical and online exhibition platform featuring over thirty-five contemporary artists who use the iconic American flag, loaded with centuries of convoluted history and exclusion, to create new symbols of national identity. 

Amid a highly volatile political climate and rise in white nationalism, these artists assert their place and affirm the multiplicity of the American experience while addressing issues of police brutality, systemic racism, socioeconomic disparities, alternative facts, and a patriarchal society, among others. 

Launched by the Ford Foundation Gallery and presented by Assembly Room, this independent, activist-oriented initiative by curators Emily Alesandrini, Natasha Becker, and Eileen Jeng Lynch features talks, performances, and presentations of artworks in physical and online spaces.
Each week, For Which It Stands engages different artists and curators in virtual and real time conversations and initiatives. We kick off October with
artists Tasha Dougé, Tajh Rust, Tariku Shiferaw, June Edmonds,
and daaPo réo, among others.

The gallery space at the Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice is dedicated to presenting multidisciplinary art, performance, and public programming by artists committed to exploring issues of justice and injustice.

Guided by principles of inclusion, collaboration, and urgency, the Ford Foundation Gallery aims to tell stories that are underrepresented in traditional art spaces. Located near the United Nations, the space is situated to draw visitors from around the world and address questions that cross borders and speak to the universal struggle for human dignity.

On October 24, 2020- June Edmonds will be doing an artist lecture in conjunction with the show. 

Check for more info leading up to the date. 

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