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Press Release

Working primarily in the medium of drawing, Dennis Koch makes meticulously structured abstract works inspired by the scientific fields of physics, cosmology, dimensional mathematics, parapsychology, and altered states of consciousness. Catch-22 x TWO, marks the tensegritic enfoldment of two concurrent bodies of work by Koch: his large amorphous Scrambled Channel drawings, which are abstract impressions generated from exercises in remote viewing, and the more Euclidean Versor Parallel drawings, which are circular geometric structures analogous to a Buckminster Fuller tensegrity sphere. The Scrambled Channel and Versor Parallel drawings present two divergent perceptual frameworks woven together, entangled, focalized, and perhaps nullified--a double fantasy times a double paradox.

Inspired by Versor algebra--a means of modeling a rotation three-dimensional sphere in two-dimensional Euclidean space--the series of Versor Paralleldrawings depicts the implosion of a circular toroid.  

Shifting from gray to full-spectrum color, the circle turns itself inside out. Koch's Scrambled Channeldrawings are the right-brain corollary to his more logically structured, left-brain oriented, Versor Parallelworks. Sometimes anthropomorphic images emerge, or a topography seemingly devoid of scale, while other times they have the appearance of wave-like distortions reminiscent of coalescing plasmatic birkleland currents.

Included in the exhibition is a diptych made in collaboration with Koch's twin sister Talitha Wall, titled Catch-22, a collection of 22 channeled thoughts recorded by Koch and Wall referencing everything from Philip K. Dick, to Velikovskian Catastrophism, to helpful tips for time travel, and GMO research on the moon. 

Also accompanying the exhibition will be a new publication on the artist’s work with an essay by Dr. Aziz Aziw, titled "Valis Schmalis". The essay is a consideration of science-fiction author Philip K. Dick's "VALIS time loop" theory. Dr. Aziw is a frequent guest and contributor on the web podcasts "Moon Room Cinema" and "Always Record" of Sync Book Press, which have a cult following among fans of Stanley Kubrick and Philip K. Dick.

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