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June Edmonds - Projects - Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

June Edmonds, study for a painting for the Marché Internationale de l'Art, Dakar Biennale.

Biennale de Dakar 2022

Alongside a range of aesthetic concerns, those relating to the economy of art, its trade, and its relationship to the world economy will also be in focus at the Dakar Biennale. The first edition of the International Market of African Art of Dakar (MIAD), an official off-site program of Dak'Art 2022, will be held on the site of the Monument of the African Renaissance. The MIAD is modeled after a similar project organized in 2016 by the visual artist Kalidou KASSE. The MIAD aims to contribute to building a fertile environment where works of art are exchanged in physical and digital spaces - an environment open to the whole world. The site of the African Renaissance Monument will be a place for exhibitions of works by artists from a diverse group of countries, including presentations by Senegal, France, Morocco, Jamaica, Nigeria, and the United States.

The site of the African Renaissance Monument will also host the Professional Meetings and Seminars where crucial issues such as the financing of culture, the African art market, intellectual property rights, and the impact of Covid 19 in the field of visual arts will be discussed.

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