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June Edmonds - Projects - Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

June Edmonds
Carney and The 54th, A Memorial, I-IV, 2019
Acrylic on unstretched canvas
90 x 134 in. 
Carney and The 54th, A Memorial, II on view courtesy of the Collection of Michelle Branch and Dale Cook, San Francisco, CA

This PLACE focuses on artists who articulate, correct and/or challenge historical narratives about geographical and cultural perceptions of place. Grounded by never exhibited 1960s ceramic works by Dale Davis — multimedia artist and Brockman Gallery co-founder who made space for the black arts west movement, This PLACE highlights how artists know, remember and reimagine environments that are relevant to their identities, aesthetic concerns and histories that define public visual awareness.

Quotidian’s mission is to highlight artists who use the creativity energy of Los Angeles to inform their practices. This PLACE’s artists rely on the diversity of the city — topographies, cultures and art media — to make space for their investigations of here and elsewhere. From life as an USC art student in the tumultuous 60s to post World War II Austria, the contemporary migrant crises in the Mediterranean, to a questioning nostalgia of a Bangladeshi past, the radically black and beautiful survival stories from Jim Crow and Afrofuturist offerings, to the convergence of the  material history of making, LA makes possible the unification of these disparate narratives and mediums.   

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